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Marino Physiotherapy offers one-on-one care in a warm water setting.  With a state-of-the-art SwimEx Pool that provides variable current to meet your specific needs, your road to recovery starts here with our Knoxville SwimEx Aquatic Therapy.


Wondering If Aquatic Therapy In Knoxville Is Right For You?

Therapeutic movement in a warm therapy pool is ideal for:

  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Weight Bearing Limitations
  • Balance Issues
  • Early return to activity after fractures and falls
  • Breathing and Cardiovascular Issues
  • Athletes needing to maintain/improve Core and Cardio through Injury Recovery
  • TriAthletes looking to advance fitness status
  • Post Amputation training
  • And many more musculoskeletal issues!

Why Water Therapy Works Wonders In Rehab

SwimEx Aquatic Therapy has been around for centuries. From ancient Roman baths to today’s hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools, water helps achieve effective healing for many orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions, such as arthritis, and for recovery from surgery, such as joint replacement. How does it work? Water has three basic properties that create mechanical advantages in therapy:

1. Hydrostatic Pressure or the weight of the water against an object. When a patient gets In the water, hydrostatic pressure creates a uniform support system for all immersed body parts. The deeper a resident goes, the greater the support.

The Result: reduced swelling, improved circulation, diminished soreness due to lactic acid production, less joint stress, and lower cardiovascular strain.

2. Buoyancy a patient immersed in water up to their neck bears only 10% of their body weight on their legs. If the water is chest-high they’re bearing 25% on their legs, if the water is at their hips or pelvis the weight is at 50%. Their body literally feels lighter, providing relief to the chronic discomfort felt in a patient’s legs and spine.

The Result: hydrotherapy gives patients a mechanical advantage to perform rehabilitation and recovery movements correctly without fear of pain or falling.

3. Viscosity, or a fluid resistance to flow. The level of resistance is based on the thickness of the fluid (in this case water) and the speed and the surface area of the moving objects in the water. The larger the object, the greater the resistance or drag. Moving with water flow creates assistance, moving against it creates resistance.

The Result: hydrotherapy can give a patient the confidence, strength, and support they need to master proper mechanics of movement and improve function and quality of their life.

In Addition

  • Patients can continue to condition during their recovery.
  • Less pain and increased relief make PT patients more willing and motivated to participate in treatment to achieve successful results, faster.
  • Anyone can do it, most hydrotherapy sessions take place with the water at chest level so you don’t have to know how to swim or even get your hair wet.
  • Treatment can start earlier than on land since water supports the body’s weight.
  • Patients enjoy the comfort of the warm water session with our pool temp set to 92°F helping with pain relief and tolerance to care


Common Conditions That Benefit From Warm Water Pool Therapy

Orthopedic Injuries and Surgery 

Whether it’s knees, hips, or shoulders, the key to recovering from Orthopedic injuries and surgery is increasing Mobility to ward off stiffness and increase flexibility. With SwimEx, you gain all the health benefits of exercise with less discomfort. What’s more, exercising in water means there’s no fear of falling and re-injuring yourself.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia 

A key treatment for both is relaxation, and combining the warm water of a swimming pool with a variable current massage stimulates the senses and relaxes the body, greatly reducing the stress and pain on aching muscles and joints. Add Hands-On treatment with one of our skilled physical therapists to deliver a focused, penetrating treatment for sore and chronically aching muscles, which also helps relieve joint pain.

It also allows physical therapists to better penetrate arthritic joints or manipulate scar tissue. What’s more, studies show that exercising and warm water can help decrease the painful side effects of these two conditions, strengthen muscles and joints, and improve flexibility. Since the pool water is bearing the majority of the patient’s weight, stress on joints and muscles is greatly reduced, enabling walking and dynamic exercise without increased pain.

Chronic Pain 

The warmth of the pool water in the localization of the current can provide a sensory experience which helps with relaxation and stress relief, delivering a respite from chronic pain. The pools hydrotherapy jets and variable current deliver a deep penetrating massage right where it hurts, penetrating stiff joints, manipulating scar tissue, or relieving aching muscles. Those suffering from chronic pain can exercise comfortably with our variable speed current, reducing stress on joints and muscles so there’s no reason to not get the exercise they need that releases endorphins — the body’s own painkillers.

Neuromuscular Conditions 

Two common ones are multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. The pool water provides sensory stimulation to create kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness. The buoyancy of the water reduces stress on the body so you can focus on motor skills and exercises. The variable-speed current helps with gait training without fear of falling.  And the warm water at 92°F allows for comfortable training without getting too hot or overstressing the muscles.

Parkinson’s Disease 

Hydrotherapy is becoming a more common method for rehabilitation at physical therapy clinics to minimize Parkinson’s symptoms. The water act as a full-body support, making it easier to balance as you exercise. The warm water loosens joints and muscles, and a variable current allows anyone to complete simple exercises or more intensive workouts.

Weight Loss

Swimming has long been a great way to tone muscles and lose weight while putting very little stress on your joints. SwimEx swim-in-place pools make weight loss through swimming and aquatic exercise easy and convenient with the smoothest counter-current in the industry. Our adjustable speed current allows you to work at your own pace while the water bears most of your body weight. Studies have shown a person generally burns 2 calories more per minute of activity in the water than on land. So while you’re nearly weightless in the water, you can easily do exercises and movements that might have been harder to perform on land, reducing tension, frustration, and pain.

And Many More!


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Wayne Chermely

Alaina has helped me a few times when I have experienced back pain due to changing from a sedentary career to an active career. Alaina and her team are quick to schedule visits and quick to respond to questions. Best of all Alaina is a wealth of knowledge about all things physical therapy. I’m thankful to her!

Seth Masadeh

I don’t usually leave reviews, but I definitely think this place deserves it. I don’t have much experience with physical therapy clinics but I must say I am extremely impressed with select. The clinic is always clean and welcoming. The staff treat you like you are their number one priority the whole time you are there. One on one treatment for speedy recovery They make you feel like family here. Work you hard but that is what we all need. Dr.Alaina and the Staff will listen to your complaint about your condition and will take your opinion into consideration. After everything was said and done I can confidentially give Five out of five stars without a doubt

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