Back Pain & Sciatica

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Did you miss our Heel Pain Workshop??

Learn about the #1 biggest mistake in dealing with heel pain.  Alaina Marino, PT and Orthopedic Specialist shows you the most common causes of heel pain and how to get relief without Medications, Injections, or Surgery. For more info call 865-236-0340.

Did you miss our shoulder workshop? 

Check out the recording of our recent Shoulder Workshop.  Alaina Marino, Orthopedic Specialist talks about common causes of shoulder pain and options for relief WITHOUT Medications, Injections, or Surgery. We will also cover the safest way to put on a jacket and safe shoulder sleeping positions for comfort.

Who is Your Body Mechanic?

Who is Your Body Mechanic?

You wouldn’t drive your car for its entire life without ever changing the oil or getting a tune-up, right?

And we know from experience that the tune-up is a much better and cost-effective option than a side-of-the-road breakdown, tow, and repair, right? Well in the grand scheme of life there is exactly one thing you are guaranteed to have with you your entire life. No, it is not that classic car or that latest iPhone or X-Box. It is YOUR BODY.



Fact or Fib? Migraines are the worst kinds of Headaches??

FIB! Yes, migraines are awful. But true migraines will STOP in 2 – 72 hours. Imagine having that same intensity of pain, maybe even with the visual disturbances and nausea, several days a week, WEEK AFTER WEEK. While this looks and acts like a migraine, it won’t respond well to migraine medications. What is it??