Who is Your Body Mechanic?

Who is Your Body Mechanic?

You wouldn’t drive your car for its entire life without ever changing the oil or getting a tune-up, right?

And we know from experience that the tune-up is a much better and cost-effective option than a side-of-the-road breakdown, tow, and repair, right? Well in the grand scheme of life there is exactly one thing you are guaranteed to have with you your entire life. No, it is not that classic car or that latest iPhone or X-Box. It is YOUR BODY.

car breakdownI find it interesting the lengths we go to have the car waxed, own the latest electronic device, or enjoy a cable TV show; but then somehow we do not have the time or money to care for our own bodies. Of the “important” things in your life, what will you still be managing and caring for 30 years from now? Yep – you guessed it. That vessel that moves you around and holds both your guts and your thoughts – YOUR BODY.

Your car is just one part of your life, and it gets maintenance every three months. Your teeth are just one part of your whole body, and you get those screened every 6 months. I truly believe that, as our healthcare system evolves and people are forced to look more closely at their wellness and healthcare costs, we will start taking a more proactive stance to eliminate pain and dysfunction before it becomes a life-altering problem. We will see our movement specialist / Physical Therapist 1-2 times a year to head off joint, nerve, and muscle issues before they become painful problems.

So you have a regular doctor, a regular hairdresser, a regular dentist, and a regular car guy. Who is your regular BODY MECHANIC that keeps YOU running smooth and repairs you when you break down?

Start taking care of YOUR BODY now with the view that is it the only one you get. There are no spare parts and easy fixes when bodies break down – so let's keep you up and running with a healthy Care and Maintenance plan!

We are blessed in the Knoxville area to have a great variety of skilled and talented practitioners. However, if you have any questions or you prefer one-on-one attention and hands-on bodywork as opposed to the hustle and bustle of a busy clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 865-236-0340.

Thank you for your time and I hope this thought-bit gives new insight into helping you feel and be your best!

Your friendly neighborhood "Body Mechanic,"