PT Tuesdays

Are you a PT or PT student in the Knoxville area looking for a better clinical conversation? 

Join us on Tuesdays from 12:10-12:45pm for a casual ortho gathering to practice techniques, work on clinical reasoning, and discuss interesting patient cases. 

Feel free to bring your lunch and if you like (please let us know beforehand), a complicated patient for us to evaluate and discuss as a group.  Below is our (soft) plan for 2020.  We will take off for July and December.  This is just a quick list of topics suggested for review for the spring, and then coverage of a "joint of the month" for the Fall.  We welcome suggestions!  This is meant to be a casual conversation, tossing about ideas and helping each other grow, no powerpoints or grand rounds requirements.  For now we will have a sign in sheet in case anyone wants to apply for CEU credit, but we have not looked into offering credit yet.   

 We may have a guest specialist join for special topics on occasion!  

Feel free to drop in, call or text our main line if you have suggestions or questions 865-236-0340.

2020 Schedule of Fun

Rib Mechanics and Stress Testing
Thx manips and osteoporosis safety
HIP mobes and UFIRs
Lumbar manips: protect the spondy while winding below
Foot: when to whip and when to naenae
CV differentiation
Best of Multifidus and TrA
CT techniques in Sit, Supine, Prone
5/12/20 IMP to the U  
Scap and GH lig stress tests
C2/3 flex and ext manips
6/2/20 Headaches 1  
6/9/20 Headaches 2  
6/16/20 Best of: Glutes, Hams, Quads  
6/23/20 STTT of TOS  
STTT of Heel pain
7/7/20 OFF  
7/14/20 OFF  
7/21/20 OFF  
7/28/20 OFF  
8/4/20 Ankle FOOT
diff dx / surface palpation FIFI
8/11/20 Ankle FOOT
surface palpation FIFI
8/18/20 Ankle FOOT techniques
8/25/20 Ankle FOOT
exercise / treatments
diff dx / surface palpation FIFI
surface palpation FIFI
9/15/20 SHOULDER techniques
9/22/20 SHOULDER
exercise / treatments
9/29/20 SHOULDER
patient case clinical reasoning
10/6/20 KNEE
diff dx / surface palpation FIFI
10/13/20 KNEE
surface palpation FIFI
10/20/20 KNEE techniques
10/27/20 KNEE
exercise / treatments
11/3/20 case
patient case clinical reasoning
11/10/20 case
patient case clinical reasoning
11/17/20 case
patient case clinical reasoning
11/24/20 OFF  
12/1/20 OFF  
12/8/20 OFF  
12/15/20 OFF  
12/22/20 OFF  
12/29/20 OFF